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Since 1963 the Canadian Automotive Museum has preserved and shared the history of the Canadian automotive industry.

HVAC Upgrades

The Canadian Automotive Museum will commemorate Canada's 150th anniversary in 2017 with much needed improvements to its facility and exhibitions. Several projects are planned that will improve the visitor experience and the museum's ability to care for its priceless collection of Canadian automobiles. 

New heating and air conditioning upgrades will make the Canadian Automotive Museum a world-class institution. 

Canadian Automotive Museum HVAC UPGRADES (2017)


The Canadian Automotive Museum requires new heating, air conditioning, and ventilation to improve the year-round visitor experience and preserve the world-class collection of automobiles. These improvements will allow the museum to better control its interior environment while reducing energy costs. In 2004 the museum's original boiler was no longer reparable and it was replaced  with a mix of gas and electric heaters that keep the museum warm during the winter. This temporary solution is neither effective nor energy efficient. During the summer, the museum becomes hot with no air conditioning and only a few fans to keep the air circulating. As an international attraction, the museum can do much better with your help. Please support this project by making a donation to the Canadian Automotive Museum. 

Project update:  Completed May 2018.

New forced air heating and cooling will eliminate the old radiators. 

New forced air heating and cooling will eliminate the old radiators. 

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada.Ce projet est financé en partie par le gouvernement du Canada.

5 reasons why climate control important in an automotive museum

1. Preservation of the Internationally Significant Collection

Automobiles are complicated objects to preserve with wooden bodies, metal engines, and a long list of fluids and electronic parts to be considered. Most vehicles that come into the collection are in meticulous shape - either in original or restored condition. The most cost-effective method of preserving the cars is to keep them in a stable environment free from dramatic changes in temperature and humidity, which can cause cracks, rust, and warping. 

2. World-Class Exhibitions

Partner institutions such as the Canadian Science and Technology Museum, the Petersen Automotive Museum and the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, as well as private collectors require stable climate control before loaning cars to the Canadian Automotive Museum. Once the HVAC improvements are complete the CAM will be able to borrow and display a wide-array of world-class vehicles from throughout the world. This will allow for a temporary exhibit schedule to be developed, which in turn will increase visitor retention and visit frequency. 

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3. Canadian Automotive Museum Library

While the Canadian Automotive Museum is classified as a Category A Canadian cultural property repository, the automotive library requires improved climate control before nationally significant collections can be acquired. With improved climate control, the Canadian Automotive Museum will be able to expand its reference capabilities to assist researchers from around the world.

Canadian Automotive Library

4. Visitor Comfort

The Canadian Automotive Museum welcomes local visitors and international tourists throughout the year. With Canada's extreme weather, proper heating and air conditioning are vital for a five-star visitor experience. Comments on travel sites such as TripAdvisor reflect the need for improved climate control.  Positive local experiences are good for the museum as well as the City of Oshawa as a whole since visitors are more likely to return to the city to frequent hotel, restaurants, and retail stores. 

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5. Government Standards & Grant Funding

In Ontario there are a series of standards for museums that must be met before funding is available. By improving our ability to control the environment, we can better improve our care of the collection, which enables the museum to apply for larger amounts of public funding. 

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Museum Facade Improvements

Canada's Car Stories Exhibition


The Canadian Automotive Museum currently raising funds to match a grant from the Canada 150 Infrastructure Fund. Please contact Alex Gates, Executive Director and Curator at 905-576-1222 or submit the contact form below for more information on how you can support this and other initiatives. 

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